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Recycled HIP BAG is sustainable money belt with simply design and Adjustable Carrying System.

Upcycling from waterproof truck tarpaulin and Seat Belts.

In terms of size, the bag is perfect to protecting your most important things. The carrying strap made of a safety belt combined with the branded YKK buckle guarantee the safety of wearing on the back or hips.

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Upcycling HIP BAG  is a stylish product made from recycled truck tarpaulin or fire hoses with seat belt strap. Product known and widely used from ages now in its new recycled version. Upcycling HIP BAG is great for travelling as well as for everyday use. Safety, easy access and comfort are what you can experience while using it. The bag is easily passed around on your back. 

You can have your phone, wallet and all important stuff close to your body so as they were safe. Materials used for production are water resistant so you didn’t have to worry about the weather.

HIP BAG is zipped on top and it has additional outside zipper pocket on the back. 

Whether it’s made of truck tarpaulin or from fire hose, it’s completely of waterproof materials.

Materials used for the production of our unique sling bags are very strong. This hip bag could carry everything you need in it.

Each REBAGO bag is one-of-a-kind because each one is an unique piece of a tarp. You can be sure your bag won’t soak when it rains, will last ages and in case of getting dirty – you’ll clean it easily with water.


Rebago bags & accessories are very unique products made by hand in central Europe. There is no two exactly the same Rebago money belts in the world, because every used truck tarpaulin or recycled innertube have its own scrapes and scratches. In Rebago we belive that upcycling is not only about ecology but also about expressing yourself.

By creating such colourful, authentic upcycled accessories, we believe that we will help you to express your own unique style.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industry in the world. Together we can make a difference,

Reduce, Reuse, REBAGO

Dimensions 32 × 18,5 × 9 cm

1 L

Fits A4


Laptop sleeve



Truck cover, Seat belt

Number of pockets




Reflective elements



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