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REBAGO is a leading brand that produces bags, backpacks, and accessories using upcycled materials. Our commitment to sustainable development, fair trade, and ethical working conditions for our local team in Poland sets us apart. Each product is handcrafted, making it unique and truly one-of-a-kind. Our vegan-friendly items cater to all age groups, and we proudly support the LGBT+ community with our rainbow-themed collection. Experience authentic recycling with REBAGO and join us in creating a greener future.

At REBAGO, we are passionate about creating high-quality bags, backpacks, and accessories while championing sustainability. We take pride in utilizing upcycled materials to produce unique and individual products. With a strong commitment to fair trade and providing excellent working conditions for our local employees in Poland, we strive to make a positive impact on both the environment and our community.

Yes, we guarantee on products purchased in the past 12 months. The warranty is valid with proof of purchase (eg. printing of bank transfer, card payment, a receipt). Damage to the bag can not be drawn from your guilt. We also remind that the bag is made ​​from used materials and may have signs of use as abrasion, rust, etc. as you were informed in the leaflet enclosed in the bag.

If you would like to sell our products send an email to the address [email protected]. Then we determine the conditions for cooperation.

The bag can be washed by hand at low temperature with a little detergent. The top can be wiped with a cloth with a little dishwashing liquid. Do not tumble dry, no bleach.

Our bags are produced from used tarpaulin covers and advertising banners. Each of these materials has its own unique pattern. Therefore, there is no possibility of implementation of the two bags of the same pieces. The draft of each bag is considered and parts are prepared manually.

The company consists of two teams. One is responsible for the production of tarpaulins, the second of their falsification. Customers who want new tarpaulin leave us in return the old one.

Our bags combine a couple of issues. In the production of tarpaulins is a lot of waste and the old banners have no use to anyone. Therefore, we wanted to use these trash, refer them to second life. We tried to create durable bags that have an interesting look, and also serve the environment. Thus do not flood the earth, and you get a unique bag!

Unfortunately some of our bags have a strange smell. The smell will disappear in a few weeks, faster if you frequently sniffed the bag. Thus, taking up as often as REBAGO for a walk!

You can pay by bank transfer or by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal.