They are made for the road. Give double benefits for everyone. Perfect for all the cyclists.

miguel bike bag from used lorry cover Rebago


With the raise of eco-friendly ways of transportation and attempts for CO2 reduction, who doesn’t want to ride the bike to work instead of driving these days? It has all the health benefits, it’s better for the environment and you don’t get stuck in traffic for hours.
The downside? No extra seat to drop your things on for the duration of the ride.
That’s why we decided to make bike bag, specially tailored for the bike lovers. With ease and comfort in mind, we offer the best solution for you, the environment and your bank account (which will thank you for skipping the gas station more).


But biking instead of burning gas on transportation is not the only way you’re putting sustainability first. By buying our eco-friendly recycled bike bags, you’re helping with landfill pollution, as well as air pollution. Rebago upcycled accessories are made entirely out of used industrial materials and production leftovers. We use truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, fire hoses and seatbelts to make all items. Inner layers are made from production waste of airbags, tents, upholstery and more.
Moreover, an additional benefit to our environmentally-friendly production process is extraordinary quality it gives our products. You can expect Rebago accessories to be more durable and weather resistant, which will let you bike in any weather conditions and trust that your belongings are safe inside the backpack.


Including backpacks, bags and panniers for your every ride across the city or bike trip with friends, we offer charming and charismatic personalities to choose from. Pick from George backpacks or Miguel bags if you’re on-the-go kind of person. Flexible and functional, they can assist you on a longer weekend outing or come with you to school or work.
For more avid cyclists, we have panniers that will stay secured on your bike and lift the weight of luggage off your shoulders.
All models come in many stylish designs and a variety of colors to suit your taste.
Each item is made by hand, so all of Rebago upcycled shoulder bags are one of a kind and unique.
We believe in making the change accessible and achievable by taking smaller, attainable steps in our everyday lives. Choose the planet by choosing Rebago.