REBAGO recycling process

REBAGO is a company based in Wroclaw. Our mission is to introduce more sustainability into fashion accessories and encourage conscious shopping. We turn industrial leftovers, production waste and used parts, to the likes of seatbelts, truck tarpaulins or fire hoses, into recycled bags, backpacks and various accessories. Our upcycled products are incredibly durable, weather-resistant and eco-friendly.

REBAGO isn’t a factory mass-producing thousands of exact copies.

Each of our items is handmade and the materials we use have their own story. That makes our products special – every piece we create is different and has a unique identity, one and imitable to match its owner.


In a fast-paced world, it’s easy to get swept up in its erratic flow – brief trends, fast fashion, minute delivery and everything on-demand. But there’s no denying the culture of overconsumption and mass production has terrific effects on the environment. Waste and landfills overflow our planet, with more and more items, that will never be used, getting produced every day. But small everyday actions can go a long way. One of the ways to counteract the environmental impact of the fashion industry is upcycling.


Recycling is a process of turning waste, which would normally end up in landfills that often poison the soil and the water, into a brand-new product. It utilizes already used materials once again to give it a new life, and let it go through another product’s life cycle. It’s incredibly impactful for the environment, especially in the case of materials that would usually take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to decompose – all kinds of plastics in particular. That’s why REBAGO products are made of production waste and often unusable things like car airbags or truck tarpaulins. It makes our recycled bags, backpacks and wallets not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but very durable, water-resistant and 100% vegan. All without the need to create more waste in the world! Quite the opposite – our upcycling and production process aids the reduction of waste. Once the materials are collected, before they become stylish eco bags and recycled accessories, they go through a deep cleaning process. We don’t use chemicals. Instead, we use pressurized water – each piece and corner is thoroughly washed. At the end, a detailed sanitary test confirms that the materials are good to use.


To support upcycled fashion is to make a statement to the world. To choose recycled products is to be the change you want to see. Big, global revolutions are possible by starting at small, personal decisions. We can make the mindful, environmentally-conscious choice every time we buy anything – whether we’ll add to the problem or help offset it is in our hands. By choosing recycled REBAGO products, you’re choosing the planet.