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Whether you’re the urban trendsetter, the campus cool cat, or the professional with a taste for eco-friendly fashion, members of the REBAGO family will find a place in your world. With REBAGO, you’re making a statement that fashion can be fun, conscious, and filled with personality.


Steve, the Big Upcycled Laptop Bag of your dreams

Steve, true to the REBAGO family, is cut from the same durable cloth—literally! Crafted from upcycled materials like truck tarps, bike tubes, airbags, seatbelts, and even fire hoses, Steve the Big Upcycled Laptop Bag is a resilient character. We chose these materials not just for their durability but also for the sustainable twist they bring to each bag.

This Big Upcycled Laptop Bag is a versatile companion, equally at ease in the boardroom or the classroom. With a knack for organization, Steve features multiple inner pockets, a laptop compartment, and a secure top zipper. Velcro on the flap? It’s Steve’s way of saying, “I’ve got an extra trick up my sleeve.” Ever the gentleman, Steve doesn’t like his bottom touching just any surface. That’s why we’ve equipped him with safety feet made from repurposed bicycle tires. So, whether you’re at a cafe or a meeting, Steve can confidently rest without a care in the world.


Hand-composed with meticulous attention to detail, each Steve is a unique masterpiece. The adjustable carrying strap, made from a repurposed safety belt, is Steve’s own accessory. And if you ever want to shake things up, Steve’s got a small handle for that handheld charm. He also believes in making environmentally-conscious choices. By choosing a Steve, you’re supporting ethical production and fair-trade practices.

Discover more personalities within the REBAGO family with Jackie and George. If Steve hasn’t quite stolen your heart or if you haven’t found the bag of your dreams yet, write to us, and we’ll embark on a personalized bag adventure together.

With each purchase of our recycled bags, you become an eco-hero, contributing to the protection of our planet and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Join the REBAGO movement.

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