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At Rebago in fact we craft small works of art, not products. Our bags are made by hand and unique, carrying a history and individual character, a testament to the creative labor poured into each piece. What’s more, we champion the essence of upcycled fashion accessories, transforming discarded materials into stylish statements for conscious individuals like you, of course! For us it’s the most important. That’s why worth following our products.



Meet Sigmund, a masterpiece with an original seat belt buckle and a personality as unique as its recycled origins obviously. Sigmund the Seat Belt Shoulder Bag obviously has a rich interior life that boasts functional compartments, including a dedicated laptop pocket for up to 7 inches, perfect for documents too. The adjustable carrying strap features an intriguing shiny structure, catching the sun’s rays. A small handle adds convenience, ideal for those on-the-go moments. In fact versatile enough for elegant outfits, it seamlessly blends urban style with functionality. In any case Sigmund has life all figured out and you’ll never go wrong with him. 

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By choosing Sigmund, you’re not just embracing style but contributing to a greener planet and reducing CO2 emissions. Ofcourse, you might also fancy other companions in the Rebago family, like the Unisex Backpack Andy or the Rolltop Backpack George. Dive into our range of durable bags made of waterproof materials, with expandable options, replaceable straps, and even bicycle stabilizers.

Can’t find your perfect match? Drop us a message because we love playing matchmaker for your ideal bag by fulfilling individual orders.

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Each REBAGO bag is one-of-a-kind because each one is an unique piece of a tarp. You can be sure your bag won’t soak when it rains, will last ages and in case of getting dirty – you’ll clean it easily with water.

Rebago bags & accessories are very unique products made by hand in central Europe. There is no two exactly the same Rebago products in the world, because every truck tarpaulin / truck cover have its own scrapes and scratches. In Rebago we belive that upcycling is not only about ecology but also about expressing yourself.

By creating such colourful, authentic upcycled accessories, we believe that we will help you to express your own unique style.

Together we can make a difference,

Reduce, Reuse, REBAGO. It’s the most important!

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