Shoulder Bag Pablo

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REBAGO family is more versatile than you might think. Whether you’re exploring the urban jungle or hiking through the mountains, our bags are designed to withstand the test of time. Each REBAGO product is a testament to ethical production from start to finish. So, step into this vibrant REBAGO-verse, where our upcycled fashion accessories take center stage.


Your Upcycled Wonder Shoulder Bag, Pablo

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the ever-stylish Pablo. Ah, Pablo—the pint-sized powerhouse with a personality as lively as his design. This Upcycled Shoulder Bag embodies the essence of practicality and style. As the maestro of compact functionality, Pablo exceeds expectations. With a sense of humor, he says: “I may be small, but my impact is mighty!” As a part of the REBAGO family, Pablo is a proud member of the eco-friendly club.

Need a bag that’s not too big but can sneakily fit an iPad or a small laptop? Despite his compact size, Pablo is the go-to companion for spontaneous walks and impromptu hikes. With one zipped pocket inside and several small open pockets, Pablo keeps you organized and ready for anything. And oh, did we mention the easy velcro fastener? Pablo believes in hassle-free access to your belongings, making your life easier one adventure at a time.

Pablo recycled shoulder bag from truck tarpaulin

Crafted from water-resistant, recycled truck tarpaulin and post-production waste materials, Pablo is an eco-warrior. Easy to clean and always ready for action, Pablo is the perfect partner for those who want to make an eco-conscious choice without sacrificing convenience. Pablo has his own unique fingerprint, telling a story of transformation from discarded materials to a functional work of art.

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By choosing REBAGO, you’re contributing to the protection of our planet and actively reducing CO2 emissions. Join the movement, one stylishly sustainable bag at a time.

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