Upcycled Long Shoulder Bag Albert

Welcome to the realm of REBAGO, where our Upcycled Long Shoulder Bags have a name, a personality, and a sense of humor – meet Albert. He is a character, a small work of art with a rich history. Crafted with artistic flair and dedicated hands, Albert the Long Shoulder Bag represents the pinnacle of handmade excellence, contributing to a cleaner, greener world with every stitch. Albert, much like the rest of his eco-friendly bag family, comes with an array of features that make him truly distinctive. Durable and fashioned from waterproof materials, Albert embodies urban style and practicality.

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When Fashion Met the Upcycled Long Shoulder Bag Albert

Our charming Albert is not just any Upcycled Long Shoulder Bag. With a detachable carrying strap, Albert is a versatile fellow, worn in numerous ways to adapt effortlessly to your lifestyle. Despite his unassuming appearance, he surprises easily accommodating A4 documents and laptops. Albert is not just about looks; he’s got functionality down to an art. An external zipped pocket ensures easy access to your essentials, striking the perfect balance between convenience and safety. Whether slung over your shoulder or transformed into a handy handbag by detaching the main strap, Albert seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

Albert, the fashion accessory with a personality, is made responsibly in the EU. The design process ensures that no two Alberts are alike. The environmentally-friendly approach is evident in the use of materials like old truck tarpaulin and authentic car seatbelts, giving Albert a unique character. The Upcycled Long Shoulder Bag Albert represents a harmonious blend of style and sustainability.

Explore REBAGO beyond Albert; you may also fancy Bob or George in our bag family. And if Albert hasn’t quite won over your heart, fear not! Reach out to us, and we’ll embark on a quest to find the bag of your dreams.

With every purchase, you play a crucial role in protecting our planet and reducing CO2 emissions. Join us in this eco-conscious journey, where style meets sustainability, and make a positive impact with every bag you carry.

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