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At Rebago, we’re all about making your cycling experience both stylish and sustainable. Each of our bike bags is handcrafted from reclaimed industrial materials like truck tarpaulins, seat belts, and car seat belts, embodying a unique blend of innovative design and environmental consciousness. By transforming discarded items into fashionable accessories, we not only reduce waste but also provide durable, weather-resistant products that stand the test of time. Our bike bags come in exciting colors and distinctive designs, making eco-friendly living both chic and practical. A Rebago bike bag will always reflect your personal style and commitment to a greener planet.


We offer a selection of bike bag models, each tailored to meet a range of needs and preferences. The Rebago Bike Panniers are perfect for eco-conscious cyclists. Crafted from water-resistant recycled materials such as seat belts and green truck tarps, these panniers are designed to last. They feature reflective elements to enhance your safety on the road, allowing you to ride confidently while staying visible.

The George Bike XL Waterproof Cycling Backpack is a spacious rolltop made from recycled truck tarpaulin and car seat belts. This sustainable backpack includes an adjustable carrying system with straps made from three car seat belts sewn together for ultimate comfort. Its cool bicycle motif and reflective elements add a stylish touch.

Lastly, the Miguel Shoulder Bike Bag is a versatile option that can be easily mounted on your bike rack for safe transportation of important documents or a laptop. Once you reach your destination, it can quickly transform into a comfortable shoulder bag, combining pragmatism and style.


Rebago bike bags are designed to seamlessly integrate into every facet of your life, making them perfect for a wide range of activities. Urban dwellers will find our bike bags to be a fashionable everyday solution for carrying essentials while navigating the cityscape. Cyclists will appreciate the sturdy materials and secure fit, ensuring their belongings are safe during commutes. For outdoor enthusiasts, Rebago provides the perfect companion for biking adventures, combining robustness with generous storage. No matter the route you choose, a Rebago bike bag is tailored to complement your adventurous spirit. So, hop on your bike and ride with Rebago, where fashion meets function, and every trip is a step towards a sustainable future.

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