Do you know what difference you can make while simply buying a backpack?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step – which is why to create a grand change in the world, we start by implementing small changes in our daily lives. Let us introduce you to one of the easiest and most pleasant small changes you can make today… recycled backpacks.


We present you the wonders of upcycled fashion accessories. A simple way to reduce waste and introduce a more ecological forward-thinking approach to the fashion industry. Our recycled backpacks are made entirely out of used industrial materials and leftovers from the production. We turn what’s considered “garbage” – truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, fire hoses and seatbelts – into backpack parts and thus give them a new life. We transform airbags, tents, upholstery and all kinds of production waste into inner layers of our accessories. The unique production process makes our backpacks not only eco-friendly, but also more durable and weather resistant than the other products on the market.

However, environment-friendly and sustainable are not the only qualities of our backpacks!


The upcycled backpack DAVID L is medium-sized – perfect for every day, for school, university or work. It is very stable and ideal for books, documents and a 15 inch laptop. DAVID has a simple design – rectangular and large, but light. It has a zipped pocket and offers space for a 17 inch laptop and/or documents.

The absolute lightweight among the upcycled backpacks is DAVID S. It impresses with its simple design and is ideal for A4 documents. There is also a zipper for smaller items. Our cross-body backpack also safely transports a small laptop and documents. A cord bag is ideal as a recycled bag for the gym or as hand luggage on the plane. It hardly weighs, but offers a surprising amount of space.


Each item is made by hand, so all of Rebago upcycled backpacks are one of a kind and unique.

We believe in making the change accessible and achievable by taking smaller, attainable steps in our everyday lives. Choose the planet by choosing Rebago.