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Every Rebago product have some attributes, which makes them both special and functional. We are happy to point out to you these attributes and explain it in details, so you can be sure that choosing Rebago you’ve made the right choice.

If you are familiar with the word recycling, you will not have a problem understanding what upcyling is about. The idea is the same – we take some old used material and reuse it. The detail that makes upcycling a different thing than recycling is that when you recycle – the worth of this thing that you have created is similar or the same as the old one. 

When you upcycle, on the other hand – the worth of this thing that you’ve made is higher. 

Rebago is a small manufacture located in heart of Europe – Poland. Buying our bags, you can be certain, that it was made for you by hand of fairly paid craftsman or a craftswoman with attention to every detail and by using world’s best quality fastening products (YKK

In Rebago, the sustainable way of living is very close to our hearts. We know that veganism is not only a diet but also a lof of other everyday lifestyle choices. Nowadays in vegan fashion, especially about bags there are a lot of things going on.

For example there are a lot of plant based leather alternatives. They are looking mavelous and for sure they are made of plants but the way to process the plant into high quality fabric always involves using chemical substances like ex. liquid form of polyurethane, which is not quite good for the planet.

That’s why buying upcycled goods is always a good alternative to consider. The main fabric which we are using is old, used Truck tarpaulin. Choosing Rebago you get a bag made of material that was repurposed. All the materials used by us are cleaned without any chemicals. We use only pressurized water, every scrap of material passes the process of thorough cleaning and detailed inspection of purity.

After they are cleaned we choose the colors and motives for our bags and accessories. Than we cut all the materials: tarpaulins, inner tubes, fire hoses, seatbelts for the outsides and tents, airbags, mesh grid, upholstery for linings. Then it’s just putting all of that together and sew!

Uniqueness is an attribute that particulary suits Rebago products. The vast majority of bags and backpacks from our shop is definitely one of a kind and can’t be reproduced. Every used tarpaulin is having scratches from their previous lifes in different sizes and places. 

And for example there are tarpaulins which were exposed to a sun for a very long time and their original color has been transformed into a completely unique color – this is what comes to our minds when someone is saying that a thing like bag can have its soul!

When choosing a backpack, it is in many cases an important factor for it to be waterproof. We are finally going to use it outside! Thankfully, our Rebago bags are made of materials, which are designed from the beginning to be really water resistant. Truck tarpaulin needs to withstand the wettest rains on the road, in case of a fire hose and bicycle tube – it goes without saying that they are also water resistant.

In Rebago, we are aware that each of you is different. Some of you, when searching for a bag will care if the bag is small enough to look good with the rest of chic outfit, 

Some of you on the other hand, before choosing the right bag will make sure if it fits a big laptop, water bottle, camera and some snacks. That’s why we marked every bag with detailed informations about their dimensions, pockets and compartments. Although if you are not sure about any detail of the bag desired by you – feel free to ask, we are always here for you.

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